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Room type bedsCapacityNo. of roomscharge 
standardOndol6 people10₩240,000
deluxe ondolOndol8 people96₩300,000 (bunker 1Bed ₩40,000)
deluxe doubledouble bed 27
deluxe bunkerbunker bed 89 / individual sales
superior familyOndol20 people4₩480,000
Detailed floor information - B1F/1F
Detailed floor information - 2F
Detailed floor information - 3F~6F
Detailed floor information - 7F

This youth hostel can be used by families and groups for a relatively lower cost.
It provides diverse sizes of rooms from 7 up to 20 guests, ranging from Ondol rooms to rooms with bunk beds.
Often used by teens for enjoyable group events, the facility features a public shower room provided on every floor as well as a public cooking facility.

 Front desk contact

  • Extra fees may be charged for early check-in, late check-out,

    or additional bedding or towels.